Death God duo Al-Kindi(Alkindus) and Ibn Sina(Also known as Avicenna).

There are many kinds of Demon in the World of Miramia, not all entirely bad. Most are Deposed Shaper Gods. But for now instead of talking about the individual tiers of the underworld, I'd like to raise your attention to the Death God duo Al-Kindi(Alkindus) and Ibn Sina(Also known as Avicenna).
These two death gods are not only famous for bringing a great empire to fall, but particularly for their unusual hobby of creating perfume in a deep forest cabin. You may ask what a pair of Death Gods could possibly do with a flask of perfume, but don't be fooled. Its rumored that whoever is to pass one of their random vending stands without buying a perfume, would be doomed. Namely one of the two Death Gods would suck you in an empty perfume flask for a near eternity of entrapment, only to have your very soul slowly sprayed away by someone, who was lucky enough to buy some perfume.
-Soralias Senegoid of Udire


A wise but mischievous one, often taking an aspect of the crow. Often seen as A fickle deity, but also recognized as a sly demon. Orev was once a Shaper God who deposed Daltum and tricked him into turning into a Giant Crow forever bound to serve Orev. Orev was in turn deposed by someone more ambitious. Orev sometimes presents the wisdom of a sage to his worshipers and other times tests what he feels to be fools with malicious guidance that it knows can lead to tragedy.

Orev at one point was sought by the king whose inquiry revealed his fearful and ultimately selfish nature. The given advice was not of the sagely wisdom kind.


God Of Death, King Of The Gods, Husband to Myrith, First of the Shaper Gods and Deposer of Lieht, A warrior of a man, once a virtuous knight, scarred and battle worn, was once mortal but sought to over throw the Formless.

Overthrown by the Death God Duo, Fujuruhu Has remained quiet for some time. Many wonder if he has conspired with the Parasitic Gods.


Goddess Of Life, Queen of the Gods, Very motherly looking, jealous of Divala, possesses a small portion of Lieht's power. Also overthrown and now wanders the land "Blessing" Virgins in need of Purpose. Many mortals Curse Myrith for her blessings as Orphanages fill up with them.


Goddess of Love and Fate, Most beautiful of the Gods, childhood friend of Fujuhuru, possesses a portion of the powers of Balan, was once a fair maiden.
One of the Shaper Gods Responsible for the Tragedy of Arnst, She was deposed while protecting the last survivor of Arnst, Draxe. She is currently trapped in the Nethyss.


Goddess of Sadness and mourning, Divala's little sister, Talryums Wife, her beauty is eclipsed by Divala's, ever by Talryum's side. Has a Portion of Dahrke's power.

Wepeme was deposed long ago upon the death of her husband Talryum. Wepeme's misery sprang a Well of Misery that makes any who drink it forget the ones they love. This amnesia isn't a blessing because the heart aches tenfold.


God of Strength, Luck, and Happiness, a Jack of all trades Often the heart of a festival. Kiyivei's Brother and Wepeme's Husband, Fujuhuru's right hand man. Has a portion of Balan's Power.

Another God responsible for the Tragedy of Arnst. Talryum was struck down and Slain by the Shaper Gods, his power absorbed by them.


God Of Terror, War, and Rage, A passionate man, fast with a sword and his feet. In love with Divala even though she doesn't return his love. He is at odds with Fujuhuru and possess a large portion of Dahrke's power.

Kiyivei was the first god to be deposed. He was locked away in the Nethyss long ago and found a way to escape. Kiyivei was responsible for Talryum and Divala's fall.


God Of Wisdom and Inspiration, Bodaki's husband, Fujuhuru's Advisor, an intellectual rarely fights, usually lost in study, has a portion of Balan's power.

Daltum was tricked and deposed by Orev. Many suspect he was enslaved by Orev and was forced to transform into a Giant Crow and serve Orev.


Goddess Of the Earth and Sea, Daltum's Wife, very emotional, Attention needy rarely gets it from Daltum, Best friends of Wepeme, often seen chatting with her, has a portion of Balan's power. Upon being deposed Bodacki fell into the Sea by Pilikia Village, many suspect she is responsible for the whirlpools that surround the Island.


God of Chaos, Speed, and Smithing, a Scatterbrained has a wanderlust, often seen escorting the dead to the Nethyss or to Dreams End. Has a portion of Balan's Power. The only God to willingly abandon his post, Acklaide granted his power to the first Mortal he met in order to be free to do as he pleased.

Acklaide is responsible for many of the problematic weapons, such as the Collector's sword. There is a saying on never accepting an enchanted weapon from a lone wanderer, you never know when it could be one of the Cursed creations of Acklaide.


Goddess of Order and Memory, a Bookworm very withdrawn, often scribes down Acklaide's adventures when he returns, Librarian to the Gods, has a portion of Balan's power.

Netaire has a vast library of all things Known and Unknown. No one knows how it was she has been deposed if at all since there are no new Shaper Gods that filled her role. Many seek out Netaire's Library even though her knowledge comes at the cost of ones memories.


Goddess of Malfeasance and Malediction. She replaced Kiyivei when the Shaper Gods deposed him. Zortia has been known to steal men's souls binding them in crystals that she adorns herself with. These Crystals often bear the same color as the eyes of her victims. Zortia's victims often appear to be eyeless and are bound to do her bidding until she returns the crystals and souls to their owners.

Zortia was deposed because of her vindictive nature. When one day she tried to bind another god.

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