The main known lands of Miramia.

Skaldia Archipelago

Home to the Murfolk, which are a mammalian species of bipedal human-kin. It is a verdant archipelago nation in the Southern Oceans.

The Supercontinent

Located in the center of the world. Composed of 5 smaller continental plates that form a circular mountain range in its center. There is a Subcontinental Island to the West of the Super Continent.


The Northwestern Continental Plate of Prothea, is home to the Ruins of Arnst, the kingdom of Bierna and the City of Gotra. It is known as the cradle of civilization and rumored to be where the Gods first created Man. There are many other cities in this land, such as the City of Lycantium, Travoto, Zykrie, Udire, Alchemists Sanctuary, Crossroads Inn, Reverie Monastery, Wayleigh Port, Fallen Kingdom of Zorthia, Huntsman's Lodge and even the small island of Pilika and it village.

Humming Canyon

At the center of the Supercontinent. The Nethyss consumed this Continental Plate and created the Humming Canyon of the Nethyss. The Nethyss expanded during the War of Gods and became an abyss none dare to enter. There were great Bridges that were built using birds to fly the rope across, only the Brave dare traverse the Nethyss' gaping maw. Most choose to detour around the mountains. It is rumored that the Shimmering Woods of legends still exists in the Humming Canyon. The Yellow and Green Goblins relocated to the mountains surrounding the Canyon so it is home to the cities of New Gobden, New Nestorr, and New Varlgran.


The Southwestern Continental Plate of Artugia is home of the Artugians, A tribal Humanoid Race with large claws they can use for climbing. Home to the cities Mar'Thal, Ju, Margha, and the Ruins of Mihal.

The forest itself is so dense that the ground barely gets any light, and encompasses most the western side of the continent. On the eastern side is a vast desert, no Artugian has ever crossed it, those who attempt have never been seen again. So it is unclear to the Artugians whether or not other races may exist on the continent. In saying that, they know the layout of the forest quite well and can name each plant and fauna.

Kingdom of Patris

The Southeastern Continental Plate is home to the Parians and was once home to the Yellow and Green Skinned Goblins. The Parians are a Humanoid Reptilian race known for their fast regeneration, scales, pointed teeth and strong claws. The Kingdom used to only encompass half of the continent because there was a mountain range splitting the continent in 2. The Parians found a path through the Mountains and began their conquest of the remainder of their continent. This conquest lead to the Goblin Genocide and Goblins Abandoning the continent, the name of the Goblin Kingdom has been lost, but its cities are remembered by their ruins and Goblinkinds new Cities. Now the entire continent is known as The Kingdom of Patris. The Kingdom of Patris if home to the Cities Corpselight, Mournrise, and Dreadwinds, as well as the ruines of Nestorr, Gobden, and Varlgran.

The White Refuge

This is the name given to the Northeastern Continental Plate the new home to the Blue Goblins as well as the three tribes of the Sandromians. Few creatures dare to live in this region given that it is an extremely mountainous and cavernous region. The Blue Goblins live in the mountains and plateau's in the North western edge of the Plate Isolated from all non goblins. The Goblin cities being, Gotun Plateau, Hiwall Cliffe, and the Foot Valhills. The Sandromian tribe called The Aerosives or ones of the Ground typically live in the foothills or at the base of mountains, they are predominantly in the center of the continent. The Sandromian tribe called The Cejivons or ones from the Hells, typically live in the south of the continent deep underground. While The Sandromian tribe called The Mantivs live isolated from the other 2 tribes on the eastern most edge of the continent, the Mantvis typically live in the mountains but can also be foun in the canyons that divide the eastern sea board from the rest of the plate.

The Lands of Green

It is the name that the denizens of the Western Continents have given their home. The Lands of Green are 2 connected continents, there is an Eastern Continental Plate and a Western Continental Plate Most of the Lands are Forested with mountain ranges spread throughout, there are secret Fairy Circls and Cavernous trenches for Smithing as well as hazardous hidden bogs. The Lands of Green are home to all of the Various Fae, such as the Elves, Leprechauns, Pixies, Dysvae, and Fairies. It is also home to the Various Dwarvekin, Such as the Duergars, Trolls, Sentinels, Smithies, Gnomes, as well as the Goblin race of Gray Skins. Many Adventurers, Slavers, and Pirates come to this land in order to exploit its denizens.

The Subcontinent

Mysterious/Savage/ Wild Contient - To Be Named - A continent to the Far East


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