The lore and legends of Miramia.

(Placeholder art by J M Buren)

Creation Myth
In the Beginning there was Static
silent and all consuming
It was a chaotic void
nothingness with no form
Just the ever present static
everywhere in this static
yet nowhere came the Dreamer
he was the Timeless One
his breath was always steady
a constant that could never be controlled
before he came to be
there was no Time
This was because he was Time itself
by merely existing time flowed ever cyclical

He was lonely in the static
so he began to dream
as the dream began
the static at first calmed
it coalesced and compacted
the static became a spiral
at perfect equilibrium
completely gray

in an explosion that equilibrium ended
His children
Lieht, Dahrke, and Balan were born.
our world and universe started that day
the day that Lieht went to war with Dahrke
While Balan was left to tend the wreckage

As the Draemer dreamed
The Spiral he dreamt of was so beautiful
it was the womb of the Formless
Lieht the Lifegiver
Dahrke the SleepBringer
Finally Balan the Keeper of the Unseen

This spiral was of Darkness slowly being consumed by the Light
just as the Light was being covered up into the Darkness.
These two naturally bipolar opposites were so intertwined
that it was really impossible to tell where one ended and the other began.
At this time everything was at equilibrium with a creepy cemetery silence
but it wasn't this peaceful for very long,
something sparked the Light into awakening,

This Began the War of Lieht and Dahrke
from this newfound awareness Lieht tried casting aside the Dahrke.
in an explosion of searing hot and bright white light Lieht and Dahrke were separated,
leaving Balan Still sleeping surrounding the Dreamer
in the place of a static grey spiral shaped orb
there was a Black and white chess board colored sphere.
From this fiery and powerful expenditure of Lieht's power
Lieht had weakened so dramatically that she had shrunk down
so much so that she was engulfed by Dahrke.
This caused Lieht to be too frail in comparison to Dahrke's remaining power,
instead of burning away the blanket of Dahrke all that happened was his awakening

After being so violently awakened Dahrke lashed out at Lieht
tearing from her little tiny pieces.
But Lieht took these pieces and tore tiny pinholes into Dahrke
Lieht wedged herself into the Dahrke creating the stars in the void of Dahrke

Even though the Lieht tried to rid the world of the Dahrke
all she had accomplished was distinguishing Dahrke from Lieht.
but no matter what Lieht could never be rid of the Dahrke nor Dahrke of Lieht,
Lieht will always cast shadows
no matter how Dahrke it gets the will always be a mere flicker of Lieht to guide you through.
Lieht brought forth chaos disrupting the ordered uniformity of Dahrke

from this warring between siblings led to the waking of Balan

Unlike her siblings
Balan slumbered
She stayed at the center of everything
shielding the Dreamer from Lieht and Dahrke
She was wandering the Dreamscape
it was a haze of static
She felt someone there
it was comforting
It was familiar
it felt like the Dreamer
He tried to warn her
that Dahrke's and Lieht's war would ruin his Draems
returning to stagnation and Static
the time her set in motion

Balan had awoken then
to Chaos
there were Black Shadows Chasing stars
Stars Exploding Illuminating miles
Rocks a mixture of Lieht and Dahrke being flung
Balan Frightened sent out a shockwave
freezing everything in its place
there she went searching for her brother and sister
to settle the confusion

She found them entangled
each struggling to suppress the other
there she realized that by nature
Lieht and Dahrke couldn't even touch
for when one touches the other
a volatile reactions ensues

she knew her purpose
she needed to be a buffer
for every piece of Lieht
there needed to be a barrier
from its complimentary piece of Dahrke

She moved each of star a certain distance in the shadow
giving an equilibrium between the 2
next she moved each creeping shadow
to the center of a cluster of stars
Then she took the amalgamated rocks of Lieht and Dahrke
put them around each star
giving form and sense to the stars and planets
being the force to hold every thing in place
the barrier between Lieht and Dahrke

Next She Pleaded with her siblings
to stop this fighting
it wasn't what the Dreamer wanted
they were there to create and maintain
while he Dreamed the Dream of creation
Giving time to the Timeless
Giving company to his loneliness

She sat and convinced Lieht and Dahrke
to help her create Life

Balan discussed with Lieht and Dahrke
what their duties were to make life
Dahke and Lieht in their war created so much
but without Balan's alterations
everything was unstable

when everything is done
it was decided
Lieht would be the Lifegiver
nourishing in the morning
Giving their creations waking eyes
Dahrke was the Sleepbringer
Giving rest in the night
opening the dreaming eye
while covering the waking
but also death in time
Balan was the keeper of dreams
guiding their creations dreamself through the Dreamscape
giving them thoughts during waking

the planets were aligned
in the sun was a little of Dahrke
fueling the Lieht
held in place by Balan
Her nature was the only one
who could nullify Lieht's and Dahrke's volatility

next was the planets
at the center was Lieht surrounded by Dahrke
with at its surface places of Lieht and Dahrke
the oceans were a gradient of the two
with Balan controlling the tides and waves
while the wind was a combination of Balan and Lieht
clouds were Dahrke and Balan
The moon was an Equilibrium of both Lieht and Dahrke
Balan controlling its arc across the sky
Darke and Lieht divided the year in two
half the planet had Lieht's year
while the other tended the other half of the planet
after a half year they would switch
the season of growth and warmth
was known as the season of Lieht
with Darke's season
was cold and everything slept
a time of recovery
the time was set for Life to be created

they all worked together to create life
Dahrke molded the insides
Lieht sculpted the outsides
Balan Gave them their minds
they each breathed a bit of their essence in them
Dahrke's favorite creation was fish
Lieht's was trees
Balan's were the Birds
But they all agreed that Man was their best creation

when Lieht was around
Man would shield his eyes
trying to peer through her radiance
while Dahrke was near
Man would squint his eyes
trying to discern where Dahrke's shadow ended
when near Balan
Man would stare
trying to see the outline of Her transparency

Dahrke Formed the Nethyss
a Place for the once living to go
to prepare for their next life
if they had lingering feelings
they would be trapped in the Nethyss

Lieht formed Dreamsend
the place that would guide those souls to their next life
this was a place of recording the remnants of life
keeping a record in images of what had happened

a few fortunate souls
would be lucky enough to meet Balan in the Center
where she would present them to the Dreamer
there he would grant those souls a soulwish
it would be a miracle that happens in their next life

this was the peaceful balance of the Formless

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