Various known places that can be found throughout Miramia.


The Ruins Of Arnst

An abandoned city, Once the capital of the Land. Laid in ruins by an inner conflict with the Shaper gods. 3 Gods opposed the rest and they were smitten and banished to a realm of pure nightmare Called the Well Of Eternity. Arnst was once home to the Elderitch, who was the only person in the world to have a direct connection to the Dreamer. She was once able to help guide the Dreamer's dream into more pleasant times. Since the destruction of Arnst no one knows where the Elderitch has disappeared to.

Arnst Woods

Overrun by failed Alchemical experiments. the Kedoggs prowl these woods and it is home to a Highly poisonous plant known as Midnight's Whisper. These woods are treacherous since the Kedoggs are smart and often run their prey into a patch of Midnight's whisper.


Crossroads Inn 

An Inn on The Northern Outskirts of Arnst.  A Small village sprawled around the Inn from treasure seekers, scholars, and monks journeying to the ruins.  With so many enamored in the Mysteries of Arnst The Crossroads Inn became the place for travelers to stop over on their pilgrimages.  The Inn is ran by a former mercenary and his family.


Huntsman's Lodge

A Lodge located in the southern part of Arnst Woods.  The Huntsmen are commissioned by the cities of Lycantium, Bierna, and Gotra.  The Huntsmen are tasked with tracking down dangerous wildlife and chimeras as well as criminals.  The Lodge is headed by The Huntmeister and all requests for aide is approved by him.  Lycantium, Bierna, and Gotra each have a Hunter as part of their court and to serve as a liaison to the Huntsman's lodge in order to expedite requests.  There are a number of Huntsman Outposts throughout Prothea in order to aid in their duties.



Reverie Monastery

Home to the Warrior Monks and Nuns.  The Monastery is West of Lycantium and South Of Alchemists Sanctuary.  Often escaped slaves and orphans are brought to the monastery to seek refuge and spiritual strengthening.  Most refugees who arrive at the Monastery often become enlightened and join the ranks of the Warrior Monks and Nuns.


Alchemists Sanctuary

An isolated Fort on a peninsula with a narrow entrance. This Santuarty is east of Gtra and North Of Lycantium. Once home to a proud Alchemist Order now only a small few reside in its halls. Few dare to go near the place out of fear of being abducted for Alchemical research or encountering and Alchemical Chimera.


Well Of Eternity

A Nightmare realm that a number of Gods have been banished to. Its entrance can be found deep beneath the Ruins of Arnst. These Fallen Shaper gods very Lifeforce is used as a power source for a servant of the rest of the gods


A place of Pure Dark. Rumored to be where Demon's reside to feed on souls that fail to reincarnate or access Dream's End.

Dream's End

Rumored to be the Realm of the Dreamer where the Gods reside. A Place of pure Dream. If one is fortunate enough in death they will meet the gods and be granted a soul wish. A soul wish allows a soul to choose something about their next life.

The City of Bierna

Rests in the foothills of a large mountain, it is a pious and well fortified city. The Ruins of Arnst are North of the city, while The Alchemist Santuary, Travoto, and Lycantium are towards the east. It is the Head quarters of the Shrine Templar Order.

The City of Gotra

A Mercantile Port city. On the North Western coast of Prothea. Pilikia Village is on an Island to the West of the City, in the Northern Sea. While Wayleigh Port is due East.  Bierna is South from Gotra, While the Ruins of Arnst are towards the South East. Prosperous in trade, it has an elite navy adept at fighting off sea monsters. Nightmare Bane/Dreamwalkers unofficial Headquarters is here because of its proximity to the ruins of Arnst.


The City Of Lycantium

A walled city deep in a desert wasteland. In its walls are 5 Oases, The main city of Lycantium is connected to a series of outposts with both a land route and a water channel. Each outpost is built around an Oasis and Numbered based off of distance From Lycantium. The actual city of Lucantium is referred to as Lycantium Major by its inhabitants while the Outpost are referred to L Minor and their number. The streets of the city are laid out as a labyrinth to trap demons and colossal beasts. While the area around an Outpost is riddled with traps to wound or ensnare these beasts. Often selling the creatures bones for Ivory. Lycantium is north of Zykrie and the Wasteland acts as a buffer to any possible raids from the Slaver City. There is a Goblin Freedom network that Sneaks Goblin slaves through Lycantium and this network is the foundation of trade between New Gobden and Lycantium.


A City in the South of the Prothean Continent. Bordered by Wasteland and Mountains this city is a isolated verdant patch. It is this Isolation that allows such autonomy for Zykrie. It is called the City of Chains. It is a City of Slavers who owe no allegiance to any of the Kingdoms. The City is ruled by the Chief Slaver, His title being Master Shackler, which is the equivalent of a King. When the Goblins Sought Refuge in this City the Master Shackler saw a perfect opportunity for a fresh batch of Slaves to sell through out his domain. Most Outlaws and disreputable Humans seek out this city, in hopes of funding underhanded operations, anything that a mass of bodies can be thrown at to fix. Often to bolster rogue armies or to mine in poisonous area. Anyone with Common Sense Avoids this city at all costs, especially non humans given how quick the Slavers are to fetter them. Only the Upper City doesn't have chains or cages, it is gated off for the rest of the city and reserved for the Master Shackler and his court. Most find a city built atop foreboding and they should if they see the bars of the city.

The Udirian River and Udire

Udire is a fairly large desert city surrounded by a sea of sand and barren lands. The lifeline of Udire is the Udirian River which is one of the worlds deadliest and most mysterious rivers. Many who follow this river for too long never come back. It is said somewhere along this river man can find peace, what peace means in this context is debatable.
-Soralias Senegoid of Udire

Udire, fin.JPG
concept art by Praise-the-sun


The Conquered Kingdom Of Zorthia

A small kingdom on the North Eastern outskirts of the Wasteland that borders Zykrie and the Udire River.  An Exiled Slaver named Brent became Ambitious and raised an enslaved army along with mercenaries to Conquer The Kingdom of Zorthia. Zorthia's Castle walls were breached, the King and Queen were killed and the citizens were enslaved and sold to Zykrie.  With the finances received from the slaves Warlord Brent began to Fortify the Kingdom and started building a City of Chains to rival Zykrie.  The City now has a large coliseum where slaves and mercenaries battle to the death for sport.

Pilika Village

Located on a small Island In the Nothern Sea, Surrounded by Whirlpools. It is treacherous to make it to the Island of Pilika and the Village it has.
Some claim that a King of Gotra had sent any unwanted Alchemical experiments that he had rounded up in his excavation of an ancient Alchemists laboratory. The ships with their crew and unwanted cargo encountered a whirlpool and were shipwrecked on the island. The new inhabitants of the Island soon formed a Village and hunted their former cargo with glee, thinking it was divine providence to do so.
Pilika Village was founded on this Island by the Hunters of these Alchemical Beasts. The Village has a Poachers Guild in which commodities from these beasts are traded bought and sold. Every man from Pilika is known to be a bloodthirsty cutthroat and often is found outside of Pilika as a Pirate.


A small Lakeside town, West of Zykrie with canyons and foothills acting as a slight buffer between the 2 cities. There is some trade between the 2 cities, often the trading results in raids and counter raids until the rosources have been secured in one city or the other.   Home to the Ancient House of Kui. Known for their Apothecaries and other secretive skills.  Such as Assassinations, poisons, and information gathering.  Travoto has a puppet monarchy that defers to the House of Kui's judgements.



Wayleigh Port 

Located on Prothea's Western Coast.  Home to Merchant Pirates, or Mercanteers, Allies to the poachers guild in Pilika Village and the Slaver's in Zykrie. They pride themselves on their values and honor in the Black Market. Claiming their goods were privateered only from the unjust. No one has questioned these Pirates claims. The city is ruled by a Pirate King and is autonomous from any other kingdoms or countries. Often the Port City of  Wayleigh Sells their formidable Naval skills to the highest bidder as a Mercenary Navy. That is when they aren't Privateering.

New Nestorr

The new capital of what remains of the free Goblins, it is deep in the mountains that encircle the Humming Canyon. The Goblins have become extremely Isolated and hostile toward outsiders. The Yellow and Green Goblins relied on the Help of their cousins the Blue Goblins to build their cities.

New Varlgran

This city became the melting pot of Goblinkind, Many Blue skins that helped build the New goblin cities chose to settle here. Somehow word made it to a few Gray Goblins on the Western Continents and they traversed the ocean and the lands of Prothea to reach their Brethren. This City is still very Isolated from the other races but they allow Human Goblin Hybrids to enter.

New Gobden

This city is on the Fringe of the Mountains Surrounding the Humming Canyon and a vast Desert Wasteland. This is the Goblin Trade City. The Goblins here venture to the City of Lycantium across the wasteland in order to trade. Only officially Recognized Caravans from Lycantium are allowed into New Gobden, Often the Caravans cargo is freed Goblin Slaves from Zykrie.

Humming Caves

Deep Dark Caves That have a deafening hum. The Deeper in one goes the louder the hum until it is maddening and deafening. Rumored to be the entrance to the Nethyss and Guarded by a Creeping Shadow that can swallow one whole and imprison any trespassers into the Nethyss. No one has returned to confirm the tale.


Shimmering Woods

Rumored to be a manifestation of Dream's End on the world and supposed entrance to Dream's End. It is a forest of Translucent trees that has light flash through them. No one knows how the wood does so because upon cutting the trees they are translucent wood. Some say a Guardian to the Gods Slumbers there and it is its breath that shimmers the wood.


An Artugian city, known as the city amongst the trees. A majority of the cities population is of Drishna who have stopped being Nomadic for political reasons. Durna tribesmenalso inhabit the city at a reduced population since the razing of Mihal. Often a tribal council of Elders meet for diplomacy between tribes. These tribal elders know as Great Leader have a Guard that protects them and is garrisoned in the city. Artugians often use their claws to climb trees to access the city.


An Artugian port city. Mostly a large fishing village with a rotation of Artugians who settle to fish for a few weeks before picking up and hunting in the Forest. Most dwellins in the city are used as a community sleeping space. The city of Ju is where most outlanders interact with the Artugians especially their allies the Murfolk. Aside from the Murfolk the Artugians are suspicious of outsiders given what happened to Mihal.


An Artugian city commonly called the city of fire and named after the volcano. Margha is home to the Cursed. The Cursed are craftsmen and use the heat from the nearby Volcano to keep their forges hot. This makes it easier for the Cursed to craft their weapons and tools. Ever since the unification of the Tribes, the Cursed have made paths between the 3 cities by crafting a series of rope nets from the vines beneath the canopy of trees.

The Ruins of Mihal

Durna traditionally held Mihal and Mar'Thal until Mihal was reduced to ruins during an attack from some Outlanders.
The ruins of a city that was razed by invading outlanders. Now the home of a secret society.
When Mihal fell, the first Greatclaw became known. He stood against the foe who dared to enslave his people, but was ultimately defeated and retreated deep in the forest. In the months that past, he himself unified the tribes, made an alliance with the Mur and then sacrificed his soul to slay a Twisted One.

The secret society, known as the Shattered Blade came into existence after the Twisted One fell. They are tasked with making sure nothing like that happens again within Artugia to the point where they kidnap, interrogate, and kill anyone they suspect that will bring about such horrors. They are also working to uncover who was truly behind the attack.


a Bloodborne style city on the Eastern coast overlooking a cliff to the see below. (Think the view from Majula in Dark Souls II) It is a major port city with a large port built out down the cliff.  A City that was overtaken by an Alchemical Plague.  Thought to have been abandoned by the survivors of the plague.  Now a Den of Thieves and Bandits, along with questionable scholars looking to resurrect former gods.  It is common to see the residents of Corpselight wearing masks as a barrier of the inactive plague.  Only the unsavory or undesirable seek out this city.


A city of stone built high into the sky. It's style is more Dwarven from Skyrim.  The entirety of this city is carved into the mountains it resides in.  The city sits atop an elaborate network of catacombs, many of the dead are lain to rest in these catacombs.  The catacombs are tended by the Monks and Nuns from Reverie Monastery.   The City is ruled by a Duchess Who is allied with Gotra, Bierna, and Lycantium.  Mournrise is also home to a Great Library and many scholars seek out the city to study the ancient texts it holds.


the capital of Patris, The city's entrance is a grand gate with depictions of the greatest leader of Patris, Revon, in silver and gold. The rest of the city is made of metal-like brick and houses the home of the ruler and the home of the mage faction, The Maliscal.

Ruins of Nestorr

Once the Goblin capital, they Goblins thought that the mountain range it was built against would serve as protection. It didn't protect the Goblins and the Parians trapped the Goblins in their own city. This was the first city to be destroyed and then Occupied. The Parians have occupied this city but have not restored it using it instead as a military camp.

Ruins of Varlgran

The Second City to fall to the Parians, many Goblins had abandoned this city upon news of their Capital being razed. This city remains in ruins and is slowly being reclaimed by nature with Lichen covering what was once hovels.

Ruins of Gobden

The last city to fall to the Parians. There are still blackened Goblin remains from the purges that the Parians wrought. Any who see the Ruins while entering the Kingdom of Patris are shown testament to the brutality the Parians show to Trespassers who Encroach on their lands. Only the few Goblins who fled early were able to find succor in Prothea. It was the frantic flight from this city that Caused the Artugian city of Mihal to be destroyed.



Gotun Plateau

A Blue Goblin city that has been built atop a large plateau in the mountains, many suspect that the Goblins chiseled a mountain into the plateau it is as the city grew.

Hiwall Cliffe

A sprawling Blue Goblin city that has been built along a series of cliffs. There are several rope bridges that connect the cliffs and buildings.

Foot Valhills

Is the Blue Goblin Capital in the center of the Mountain range. The city rests in a large circular valley in between 3 large mountains. The only way in or out from the city is through tunnels that the Goblins chiseled through the mountains

Tower of Dead Relics
A Place many inadvertently wander into. The Fortunate are granted a wish.

Old Tree Stump

A Ghost town, Dead Village that is preserved by a Giant Fungus.

the Dead Woods
Nearly all of the forest's trees are dead. This area is unnaturally cold and silent. This forest is called The Dead Woods, since nobody has made it out of there alive. Its real name is forgotten, since nobody speaks of this area so often.

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