Various important characters in the world of Miramia


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(in alphabetical order by surname)




Aaron the Lightbringer

One of the greatest warriors who ever lived, Aaron gave his life to banish the Greatest Dark.
He was from a noble family, and his sword was his family's heritage.
Mrac Karde (The Sword of the Dark): The only sword capable of consuming the Dark Essence from Darklings, leaving nothing but a shell. It is said that Aaron wielded this blade as he confronted the Greatest Dark, and consumed its essence.

According to many legends and tales, after Aaron defeated his arch-enemy, the Greatest Dark, his sword, the Sword of the Dark, shattered to three pieces, scattered through the land of Miramia, carrying the essence of the Greatest Dark within itself.

After the Greatest Dark was vanished, people awaited the returning of the Lightbringer, but he didn't return. Rhen, Aaron's little brother, picked a horse and went to find his brother. What he found was the broken hilt of his sword. Sworn to bring all the pieces back, he traveled all across the world to find them, but to no avail. In a hasty decision, Rhen gathered the greatest warriors he knew, and named the group the Sword of the Dark, in his brother's honour. He ordered the famous jewelry maker to created pendants with the special crystals his family possessed.

Alpine Albastrump

1 eyed, deaf, 7 foot high male and the Court Jester of a flourishing Kingdom. Also brother to the infamous lady prostitute, Follis Albastrump.

Arnst Draxe,

The Lone Survivor of the Tragedy of Arnst, was once the young Prince of the fallen Kingdom now an Orphan Refugee, raised by the King of Bierna, Last official Shrine Templar, He was saved by the Elderitch in the Tragedy of Arnst. Many believe his hair turned Crimson and eyes turned ashen, from all the death he saw. Hunted and Haunted by Demons that were once Shaper Gods. Many suspect that Draxe was cursed by the Tragedy of Arnst. As for what the Demons want of him is uncertain.

Bierna Rossi

The King of the City Bierna, He is Salrea's Father and surrogate to Draxe. He is a benevolent yet firm ruler.


Bierna Salrea

Princess of the Kingdom of Bierna, promised to the Orphan Draxe and raised along side him. Called the Gilded Princess because of her golden Hair and Eyes, many believe that such hair and eyes are a blessing of the Formless Lieht. She underwent a trial to capture a rainbow and discovered a key to the Dream's End. She is an Unoffical Shrine Templar and quests with her love Draxe to exorcize his demons and rebuild his order.


A Green Skinned purple hat. Bogan is a Prominent trader in New Gobden.

Councillor Ilram

A member of the Lycantium Trade Council, The council that governs Lycantium Major and Minor and its outposts.
Responsible for Lycantium Major and the senior councillor. Ilram is a wizened elder man who will hear one out in their entirety before making a decision. Ilram always puts the city first and emotions second.

Councillor Anstyw

A member of the Lycantium Trade Council, The council that governs Lycantium Major and Minor and its outposts.
Responsible for L Minor 1, the closest Outpost to Lycantium Major. A Shrewd man who is quick to dismiss other. Where Ilram is Deliberate in his actions Anstyw is Passionate.


Councillor Guvin

A member of the Lycantium Trade Council, The council that governs Lycantium Major and Minor and its outposts
Responsible for L Minor 2, One of the Middle Outposts. Guvin is an Obsessive man who's need to be the best dressed borders on pompous. Not corrupt but might be lenient for the right reasons.

Councillor Devshin

A member of the Lycantium Trade Council, The council that governs Lycantium Major and Minor and its outposts
Responsible for L Minor 3, The other Middle Outpost. Devshin is a crass and Vulgar man, unafraid to tell others what he thinks of them. He is quick to cut someone down with his tongue.


Councillor Berkire

A member of the Lycantium Trade Council, The council that governs Lycantium Major and Minor and its outposts
Responsible for L Minor 4, The Farthest Outpost from Lycantium Major and front line to any outsiders. Berkire is Militant in his charge often invoking Martial Law out of necessity from brigands and outlaws.



Diznare The Denied

A Disgraced Oracle from Pilikia. When her foretellings failed to come true the Guild Master cut out one of her eyes, Gave her the title the Denied and Sold her to the Mastef Shackler of Zykrie. Diznare was promplty shackled to the throne displayed as a trophy, The Master Shackler often mildly poisoning Diznare and listened to her delirious ravings out of amusement. While in a Delirious State Diznare had a vision about the Tea of Ages. While Delirious and during this vision Diznare somehow managed to escape and is the only Slave to ever escape the Master Shacklers Throne.

Diznare saw a ritual on the Catching of the Rainbow and the trapping of a Shadow.Then to brew the Tea of Ages, one must distill the Caught Rainbow and Trapped Shadow in Water. The Tea of Ages will grant someone a Special Lucid Dream where they are Grated a Soul Wish from the Dreamer. She is now on the Search for the Tea of Ages in hopes that the vision is true and her wish can be granted, even though she is unsure what a Soul Wish does or how it will change her life.



Emer's Daughter and Shaman Priestess, she is considered a Hatless and is the voice of the people in New Varlgran


Eearik The Errant Knight

Once a proud knight Eearik became errant when his family was deceived by a demoness. The Demoness stole his families souls and made them her servants. Eearik quests to break the curse upon his family, his search led him to Draxe and Salrea. Where he offers to Aide Draxe in his quest against the Demons in hopes of freeing his family.

Geist The Paleskin

A Human and Goblin Hybrid, with unknown lineage. Many have speculated it is Divine or Demonic and from a current of former Shaper God. Geist lead an open revolt against humans and gave rights to the enslaved Goblins.


First and only female ruler of Patris, mother of Jakhil

Gotra Lunrea

Daughter of the highest ranking merchant of Gotra and unofficial Princess of the city. Underwent a trial to capture a shadow finding a key to the Nethyss.
All Color Drained from her hair and eyes after the trial. She met and now follows Draxe and Salrea in their travels, and is an unoffical Shrine Templar.

Gotra Valrek

The highest ranking Merchant of Gotra and Lunrea's father. He is sharp witted and quick to assess and haggle. His appraisals and financial baking is well sought after.

Greatclaw Jon the Bloody, the Uniter

(former Artugian Great Leader. (Deceased))

Jon the Bloody was an Artya born of the tribe of Durna. Both his mother, and father, were strong and powerful warriors, considered heros of the Tribal Wars. However, shortly after Jon and his twin were born, they were slaughtered by assassins from Drishna. They were then raised by his Uncle, Nomi, and given a proper Artugian education.

At the age of 10, when Artguians come of age, he slaughtered his twin by ripping and tearing her apart with claws and teeth. When he emerged from the pit, where the Blood Rite is held, he was covered from head to toe in blood, thus earning him the title 'Bloody.'

At the age of 13, he challenged Mo'turk to the right of Durma. He bested the former Great Leader and devoured his heart. By the age of 20, Jon the Bloody had established himself as a warrior of great renown amongst the Artugians, having bested 20 would be great leaders, and slew hundreds during the ongoing war between the tribes (pre-unification).

Notable Feats: Worked to evacuate Mihal during the Outlander/Goblin invasion to the point where he was gravely wounded; United the tribes to fight against the Goblins and kept them united; Reestablished the ancient Artugian capital of Mar'Thal; Sacrificed his soul to slay a Twisted One during an attempted coup. (rewriting these to work with the lore so only mentioning them at the moment)

Guildmaster Waltace,

A cunning and sly brute, Known for poisoning rivals and selling off to Slavers from Zykrie, Usually after stealing organs or anything of value to sell on the Black Market in Wayleigh Port.



Harriet The Hoarder

An former apprentice of Sebryn's, she is an Alchemist that experimented on herself, became a Dragon/Human Hybrid Chimera.  She hoards any and all treasures she finds or creates.  Her Laboratory became a Labyrinth over the years. With many variations of alchemical traps.  Any One foolish enough to get captured by her become an experimental subject.  The Former King Of Thieves Once referred to as Ragman, was one such Victim.  Upon being captured in Harriet's Hoard the Ragman Was harvested, his body became enthralled and wanders the labyrinth as The Ragman, A Golem housing his soul follows The Ragman around permanently tethered to its former body.  Leading The Ragman and Golem Around is the Homunculus Harriet Crafted by draining The Ragman's blood.  The Ragman serves as a warning to any who would venture into Harriet's Hoard.


A gray skinned purple hat Goblin from New Nestorr. She is the head of the Craftsmen there


Son of Revon, took the throne after Revon's death, The current ruler of the Kingdom of Patris

King Ikne

The puppet ruler of Udire, also called the false king by people who believe that Ikne is in fact just a puppet. He communicate via messenger bird with Quenst on any important decisions for Udire. Known as a Despot, When in fact he is a doddering fool.

K'lo The Younger

(former Artugian Great Leader)

Born before the tribe wars, K'lo was considered the runt of the litter, and felt she always had to prove herself. After devouring her twin's heart, K'lo challenged the current Great Leader of the time to Durma and won, making her the youngest Great Leader to have existed at the age of 10. As Great Leader, she found her self quickly overwhelmed with responsibilities and keeping the peace between the three tribes.

One day, her older brother (born of a separate set of twins) was found murdered, the culprit, the son of the elder of the Cursed. In a fit of rage, and revenge, she slaughtered the elder's children, even the younglings who were years shy of the blood rite, thus igniting the Tribal Wars, and causing Mar'Thal to be abandoned.

K'lo was assassinated at the age of 13.


Known as 'The Lost Heir' of the Savek-Vin House.
The Savek-Vin House ruled before the Revon House, and due to this, there are many stories regarding them, and most importantly, their lost heir. Though many now do not believe there is an heir to the Savek-Vin house. His family were known to wear masks, and thus it became a common thing in Corpselight, the city that was founded by the SV and served as the capital under their rule. Krion was raised in Human lands and ventured back to his homeland soon after his 25th year of life.



He is A Gray Skinned Purple hat, From Varlgran, Kwas is the Craftsman who designed reinforcements to the bulwarks of the 3 Goblin Cities.


Lorelle "Lora" Garnet

Lorelle is finely educated, and knows the arts of writing. She has written the well-known book "A Huntsman's Way" by the help of her older sister, Velaeris. The Garnet surname always goes to the last child in their family, and since Lorelle was the last daughter of O'harish the War-Bounded, she received the surname, and a special necklace with a very rare garnet stone. Unlike many of the members of her family, she showed peculiar interests in writing and reading. Maybe that is a trait coming from her mother, Diana.


Master Shackler Zarl

The Cruel Chief Slaver, always in search of a new trophy Slave to display on his throne, often keeping 4 to six slaves shackled to his throne in varying states of malnutrition. He rules his city with an Iron Fist and is quick to dole out harsh and even cruel punishments.


Matron Rydia

She is the Elderitch, an Oracle who's dreams are directly tied into the Dreamer's. She can sense how reality shift, but can do little to change it. She saved Draxe from the Tragedy of Arnst and has served as his tutor ever since.

O'harish the War-Bounded

A man bounded to war. Everywhere he wanders, war follows. He has been through many battles, and always was successful. He swung his Axe as if it was a wooden stick. In his last battle, as he was fighting along side the King, his right leg was wounded. After the battle, he visited the local healer. The healer couldn't heal the wound, and from then, he has been walking with a stick. He found peace in the arms of her wife, Diana. He is the father of Velaeris and Lorelle.



Pirate King Quenst

Ruler of the Mercanteers in Wayleigh Port, Quenst views his Black Market as a rival to the Markets in Gotra, at least his goods are since they have been lifted from Gotra Vessels. Recognized as having the largest Fleet of Ships, and a high enrollment rate given the lack of scruples required to become a Pirate. Quenst also rules over the city Udire through a puppet and often uses the riches acquired through the Udirian people for his own pursuits.


A yellow skinned Black Hat Goblin General who is war wise and battle scarred. He is from New Nestorr.


Revered as the greatest ruler of Patris to ever be. He survived an assassination attempt. (Which actually succeeded, but necromancy kept his soul while his body managed to heal, likely also by magic. The necromancer is Rosszul from Kyrie.) Revon tried to have a diplomatic relationship with the Goblin Kingdom until a Goblin assassin tried to kill him. (Unknown to Revon the Assassin was Actually a Thrall of the Necromancer Rosszul used to start the Goblin Genocide.) Revon died long after the Goblins were driven from his lands, (Either Rosszul dispelled his Necormancy on his own or it was dispelled upon his death.)

Rosszul The Necromancer

A Human Slaver from Kyrie, He is also a former apprentice of Sebryn who was expelled from his tutelage in disgrace. After his expulsion. Rosszul joined the Slavers in Kyrie and was given the task of finding a new influx of slaves. In order to secure his place in the Master Shackler's Court, Rosszul sought out new lands. Rosszul discovered the Goblins and Parians, where he formulated a plot to start a war between the 2 races and drive the Goblins from their lands. Rosszul killed a Goblin and made it his thrall, he then sent his thrall to the Parian Leader Revon to assassinate. The Assassination was successful and Revon died, Rosszul "happened to be in the right place at the right time to save the king." This assassination attempt sparked the Goblin Genocide. Years after the Goblins have already settled in the Human lands and became slaves, Rosszul mysteriously disappeared.


She is also a yellow skinned Goblin and Captain of the Guard in New Varlgran, She hasn't earned enough prestige for a black hat but covets one.


Shaman Emer

A Blue Skinned Goblin who oversees the trade in New Gobden, Emer is a close advisor of Rald and enforces Rald's policies. Often it is Emer's tact and acumen that Rald relies on to keep a smooth trade agreement with the Council of Lycantium. Emer often writes home to New Varlgran or visits his daughter there



Sia'tri Firewalker

Remembered in Mur songs and poems, used to convey legends and stories, as something of an adventurer who wandered the seas following the call of the wind and ocean currents until he found himself in the strange lands of the Artugan people. Legend tells that he fell in love with the wife of the Great Leader's wife and she with him.
With the blessing of the Artugan Chieftain he undertook the traditional rite during which a mate would climb up the side of a great volcano and retrieve a volcanic stone. So deep was his love that he strode down into the mouth of the volcano where the very air was poison and warped by heat and brought back with him a tiny stone.
For a Mur this was a dangerous feat as the oil from his skin (which is flammable) ran and burned him badly and once his rite was done the other Artya laughed at him for bringing such a tiny stone. Yet when he presented it to his bride to be it broke in half revealing a geode. Such was his good fortune she agreed to marry him and was immortalized as the Firewalker by his travelling companions.

Soralias Senegoid of Udire

A person clouded in mystery. What is known about this individual is that they have written at least over 200 books. How these books seem to end up in various libraries across the land is unknown, as for Soralias has never been sighted, and so it is to presume that he or she has at least some contacts.
Much of what we know about certain regions of the world of Miramia is solely due to Soralias's many books and seemingly endless inside knowledge of many things, many people have never even heard about.

Sebryn The First Alchemist

Thorne's teacher. Sebryn lived long ago, and mysteriously disappeared. Some say he was touched by the gods and traveled to their realm. Others say he was possessed by one and enslaved, few believe this ancient alchemist has died. Most think he discovered the secret of immortality. Sebryn had only a handful of students but only one that was successful, that being his final student Throne.

All of Sebryn's other students are all long dead and buried, none discovered his secrets, but many have tried to crack his research. The ruins of Anrst used to be a pilgrimage for any fledgling Alchemist. Now it is a place of death. To be avoided at all costs. Any who trek into these ruins disappear, only to have a new chimera stomp along the grounds. Many claim that this bears proof that Sebryn the first Alchemist lives and is angered at the desecration of the sanctity of his lab. Others believe the grounds to be haunted, with ethereal experiments running around.

Sebryn has made a number of monstrous Chimeras. Many chimeras have flooded the Ruins of Arnst and its woods. It is rumored that Sebryn is further protected by living weapons, Swords, Axes, Bows, spears that are possessed by spirits and attack.
Many fledgling Alchemists have tried to imitate or recreate Sebryn's experiments without the Sanction of the guild in Alchemists Sanctuary. A many areas outside of Arnst are being overrun with failed Alchemical Experiments or getting ruined or corrupted.



A Goblin human hybrid from New Gobden, he has the slightest tin of green to his Skin and was rescued from slavers by Rejad. Sufry quickly gained rank in the Army and is the Scoutmaster of New Gobden.


Supreme Chieftan Rald

Ruler of all Goblinkind seated in New Nestorr, Rald strictly enforces the Goblin Caste System. Rald is a Greenskinned Noble. The Goblin Caste's was reformed from the time of Geist. Originally, the Purple Hats Ruled, the Red Hats Served, and the Black Hats were Undesirables or Slaves. The Goblins are still are split between hats. It is now The Hatless who are the Goblin Nobility and often Green Skinned. The Red Caps are Goblin Warriors and Soldiers, often found on Batllefields or policing the cities. The Purple Hats are Now the Tradesmen, Craftsmen, and Merchants. Black Hats are now a distinguished class reserved for the best of Goblinkin. The Undesirables now wear a white hood and it is a mark of shame reserved for a goblin who has fallen from grace allowing one to see every stain on the disgraced.


The First


The First refers to a legendary and ancient Artugian who is still a subject of great debate amongst them. However, what is known and confirmed about the First is the following: the First established the city of Mar'Thal and created the Old Tongue, the First created the laws of the land, the First was the first Great Leader of Artugia.

Legends say that the First was also the First Artugian to become an Ancestral spirit.


The War Circle in New Varlgran

Rald has a circle of close advisors that run new Varlgran and counsel him on important political matters. the circle is comprised of the 3 most prominent members of each city, totaling 9 members in the Circle. The Circle meets every 2 weeks.
The 9 members are Rejad, Sarxe, Duquo, Hierwa, Sufry, Bogan, Yrest, Kwas,  and Wrigl. 

Thorne The Alchemist

The only Student of Sebryn to have successful Alchemical experiments. Thorne finished his studies before the destruction of Arnst, and had already began the founding of Alchemist Sanctuary. Often Thorne constructs Golems, Alchemical constructs and manikins. He is the Headmaster to the Alchemical research school in Alchemist's Sanctuary. Thorne lends out his services to try and improve the epidemic of Alchemical Failures and atone for his master's sins. Thorne teaches his students to hold life sacred and not to fall into the trap of experimenting on living things.


A Parian and founder of the Creed, is revered for such. The Creed has greatly shaped Parian history.


Verigo is a Parian pirate that was raised in human lands, in the Pirate city of Wayleigh Port. Verigo was later captred by the Navy of Gotra andd exiled to Pilikia. He remained off the coasts however, and swore he would one day have revenge.


A Human Goblin Hybrid, she was abandoned by her mother and became Geist's Companion and lover.

Velaeris "Velly" the Huntress

Pronounced Veh-Lah-Rees. A noble huntress, and king's most favourite huntsman. Older sister of Lorelle Garnet. She has hunted many a beast, along with other noble huntsmen. As a child, like her father, O'harish the War-Bounded, she showed interests in the arts of war. Knowing O'harish for many years as a friend and a brother-in-arm, the King recruited Velaeris by the agreement of his father. She learnt the arts of hunt from the master huntsman known as the Beast. The last time she was seen, she was chasing a beast running towards the Woods.

Velaeris - Copy.jpg
(Concept sketch by ElCazador)


Charles Vinx, the wandering bard

A lone traveler of the land, seeking adventure, fortune, and secrets wherever his curiosity takes him. Possesses a quick wit, a charming demeanor, and a mischievous smile. He tends to end up in all sorts of odd locations and even odder situations.

Wallox the Inept Necromancer

An unkempt man in tattered robes, emaciated features.  Wallox often fumbles in his casting of Necromantic arts.  Causes himself more trouble than he does to others with his accidental castings.  He is bookish and self taught himself Necromancy, Wallox is extremely smart given how inept he is at Necromancy.  Unfortunatel he is overconfident and often fails at spell casting, Wallox should have been a Scholar instead of a Caster an is seen as a harmless fool by the Committee of Necromancers, Wallox has not been seen since he ventured to the Ruins of Arnst.


Warlord Brent

 An exiled slaver, with his ambition he gathered a large army of Slaves and conquered the nearby Kingdom of Zorthia.  He is a shrewd man skilled in Archery as well as fencing.  He is fast to give capital punishment and is in the process of converting Zorthia into a new Slave capital.


The lone White hood in the entire Circle. He is a former Hatless and green skinned. The Son of Rald's failed assassin From New Gobden. Wrigl is closely watched by Sufry, Sarxe, and Rejad. Wrigl has an alacrity the others lack when it comes to humans. This is due to the fact that the Coup involved a number of Human Goblin Hybrids and New Gobden Goblins were most familiar with human customs.


Renowned Commander in the Parian military, the Geeral who lead the armies in the Goblin Genocide, Successfully driving the Goblins From the lands.



A Green Skinned Hatless and the Daughter of Supreme Chieftan Rald, from New Nestorr. Yrest is very close with Duquo and has a strong sense of justice. Yrest earned her place in the War Circle when she uncovered an assassination attempt on her father.


Zorthia Lazlo

Lorna's Cousin and former Royal Guard.  It was Lazlos quick thinking that allowed Lorna to escape the conquest at Zorthia.  He convinced the King to send Lorna away on a mission of diplomacy before the siege of Zorthia.  Currently is working as a Mercenary in Service of the city of Gotra.


Zorthia Lorna

The deposed Princess of Zorthia, She along with her cousin Lazlo are the last of their bloodline.  Currently in sanctuary in the city of Gotra Where she is disguised as a refugee.  She is Seeking how to find the Tower of Dead Relics to have her wish granted.



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