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There are three tiers of Deities:

Creator God
Primordial Gods

Creator God, known as Waya or The Dreamer The Timeless
Creates reality

Primordial Gods - The Formless
There are 3 Primordial Gods Lieht, Dahke, and Balan.

Lieht as her name applies is all the forces that give light, warmth, life, etc.

Dahrke as his name applies is all the forces that give darkness, cold, death.
Light and Dark are a volatile combination.

Balan is the barrier between them. She is the Unseen, balance, cohesion.

The Primordial gods have no form they literally are the consciousness of the forces in the universe. The Primordial gods are Known as the Formless.

Shapers - The Ageless

The Shaper Gods are numerous, and can embody a combination of the Primordial gods by drawing forth their power. These Gods are known as the Ageless. A number of Shaper Gods can be deposed and replaced by powerful mortals. This strips the God of their power but not their Immortality. Often Deposed Shaper Gods Become Demons, but on Rare occasions the fallen Gods become protectors of Mortals.

Guardian Spirits

The race called the Mur Worship their own Shaper Gods known as Grand Spirits.

The primary Guardian Spirits as they are worshipped areā€¦

Kalya, She of the Oceans who is the Whorl, and Grand Spirit of Prosperity, Creativity, Fertility, and Love.

M'kke, She of the Winds, Grand Spirit of Inspiration, and Authority, Strategy, and Victory

Rohe, She of the Stars, Spirit of Light and Navigation.
Hina, Spirit Healthy Birthing, Weaving, Shells, and Glyphs.
[Rohe and Hina are often portrayed as the same Spirit]

Vinneter, He of the Storm, Grand Spirit of Wrath, Warriors, Sexuality, and Textile Crafts

Laho Laonua, He of the Depths, Grand Spirit of Passing, Trade, Secrets, and Stories

Parasitic God/Destroyer/ The Night Terror - The Timeless

The Destroyer invades the Dreamer's dream and turns it into a nightmare. Unlike the Dreamer it was originally weak and in need of a Host. It feeds on the Dreamer to gain power, The more it feeds off of the Dreamer the stronger it becomes, thus influencing more of the Dream. Eventually the Destroyer/Nightmare creates Gods of its own to contest the Primordial Gods. These being gross reflections, A God of Stillbirth, A God Of Undeath, and A God Of Chaos.

Parasitic Primordial Gods - The Formless

Abor - The Goddess of Stillbirth

Resur - The God of Undeath

Dys - The God of Chaos.

The Hololiths - The Paradoxes
A type of demon/ Lesser destructive God composed of Shadows that cast light. They often hide in Afterimages, eclipses, explosions. The simplest way to think of these creatures is by viewing them as antimatter monsters, the slightest touch will destroy a person. The only way to kill these is by combining opposing schools of magic. Such as, Fire/water, earth/air, spirit/void, light/dark, and any other duality of magic you can think of. These creature were specifically created to wipe out the Shaper Gods.

Greater Hololiths - these Hololiths are near impossible to kill. Often a fatal blow will merely cause them to split creating Lesser Hololiths known as Hadows.

Igba - The Strongest Hololith born of the power of the universes creation.

Sarq - Second only to Igba, Born of the power of a constellations death.

Rabur - Third most powerful, Born of the Death of a Supermassive star.

Perno - Fourth most powerful, Born of the death of a Sun.

Pusa - Fifth in strength, born from the Burnt remain of a Dying Sun

Solecli - Born of a Solar Eclipse and twin to Luecli

Luecli - Born of a Lunar Eclipse and twin to Solecli

Fisbla - Born of the strongest man made explosion.

Termi - Weakest Hololith, born from After Images.

Lesser Hololiths otherwise Known as Hadows. The Hadows are born either from the Death of a Hololith, or by splitting from a Greater Hololith of its own Volition. Most Hadows have split from Termi which explains why it is the weakest Hololith.

There are also Demons in Miramia:


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