The various creatures and plants found throughout Miramia.

(Placeholder art by J M Buren)






A sailor's death wish.

(Concept Sketch by ElCazador)

A large sea worm that has grown hands with claws. It's claws can cut through a ship's structure like a hot knife through butter. The larger the creature, the larger its claws and the higher the price. There are blacksmiths who can craft weapons from these claws.

This creature's thick skin makes it immune to extremely cold and hot conditions, as well as slashing damage, although a bolt with a sharp tip can go deep into creature's skin. These bolts are rare and really expensive, because their tips are made of a special stone that increases the armour-piercing capabilities.

Due to being in water, this creature has low Electricity resistance.
This creature can attain high speeds in a short time, allowing it to ram the ships. To maximize the damage, it starts to rotate. This move almost completely deplete the monster's energy, thus making it to recover. The monster knows this and will use this move as a last resort.




A blending of 2 or more creature through Alchemy. Often resulting in a monstrous creature. If a Chimera cannot breed or follow commands it is often seen as a failure. A number of nameless failed chimeras were created. These failures have no names and can only be described by their constituent parts, being a pirhana/elephant/owl, a shark/rhino/scorpion, and even a spider/Bat/rabbit.

Creeping Shadow

Most claim to see a Creeping Shadow in the vicinity of the Humming Caves. None have been brave enough to find out exactly what it is. Legends say it is a Black Phoenix guarding the entrance to the Nethyss. The Black Phoenix is Identified as a Bird of Undeath. If one is consumed by a Black Phoenix they will find their soul has been stolen away to the Nethyss to feed the Demons while their Body becomes a Vessel to the Demon who swallowed their Soul. To Give rest to a possessed undead one must first exorcize the demon and then slay the body.


This would translate to a Spiked Whale. It is a creature the size of a what covered in spikes. Picture a killer whale combined with a porcupine. Its quills are projectile and it has a long forked tongue that can constrict you like a snake.




The Denizens of the Nethyss. The Darklings cannot possess dead/unliving things
Darkness has no shape and is only recognizable by the absence of light, the spirits of the dark are made from such nothingness, and they strive to step into the land of the living. After all, nothingness is what we all try to avoid.
Dark Magic is the communication with the dark spirits, to bring nothingness to the living world, but at what cost? The Magic releases dark spirits, and they possess anything living, and unable to resist. The creature's inner conflicts with the dark spirit slowly deforms the creature, into what is recognized as the Darkling, the Child of the Dark.

Dead Man's Reef

A bizarre species of coral whose many oddities has stumped those that have tried to study it. It is considered a grave omen by sailors. They grow best when given exposure to both water and air and so are most commonly found attached to wooden flotsam. They possess unusually strong and mobile tentacles which they use to gather flotsam together and larger colonies have even been seen grabbing hold of sea birds that flew too close.

The strangest part comes when a reef manages to obtain a critical mass of wood, such as from a shipwreck. When one of these masses (somehow) detects a passing ship, they will attempt to latch on and thrash about so as to scuttle or capsize the ship. Reefs on particularly intact wrecks have been seen to pull their ship into what humans would consider a more correct shape so that ships are unable to tell just what it is until too late and there are even some stories of them leaving shiny treasures such as gold on plain sight on their decks, as if to entice sailors to their doom.



Diamond-Cutters are the elite version of Spikey soldiers. They have a sharp wing between each spike that will help them to weigh more, which is crucial for ballistic impacts when combined with high speed. This sharp edge also helps them to pierce through the shields and armours.


Frost Ant Behemoths

They are Lizards who on initial appearance look like Giant Ants, (About Wolf sized.) they have six limbs and can quickly regenerate severed limbs. Their blood is sought after for medicinal tonics. The Frost Ant Behemoths do not have chitin or Scales but a thick down similar to a penguins that is highly sought after for royal finery in the region.

Grotail (Goretail)

A creature with the size of an adult human, Grotails possess a long bladed tail that it utilizes as a weapon.
This creature avoids direct sunlight and lives in frigid lands. It has a thick skin that seems to be healed when a snowflake touches it and is pale colored. This creatureis humanoid with claws, paws and the face of a wolf. Among the high ranks of Grotails, there is Grotailia, which actually is the Alpha of the pack.
Grotailia has a paler skin and several scars on his body, which indicates that he has fought many a challenger to maintain his rank as the Alpha.

Grotail was actually a writer's mistake in writing the word Goretail.


There are also Guiders who give out a bright light to help wanderers and explorers to find their way throughout forests. They usually flee from battle. When the way is clear, they give out a white light. When the forest is foggy, their light slightly turns into blue with the ability to cut through the fog, helping those who are lost in the heavy fog. When they feel fear, their light slightly turns into red.


The Area of Arnst is home to a special type of Chimera that is able to reproduce on its own. Once used as a guard dog for a Mad Alchemist this wolf/hedgehog hybrid is fiercely vicious with large powerful jaws and poisoned quills that drip poison.


Living Water

A Clear Slime often found in the Deserts surrounding Lycantium. Many weary travellers will mistake the creature for a pool of water. Once someone reaches down to drink the "Water" is when the slime reacts sucking its victim deep into it and drowning and digesting them. If one is fortunate enough to escape the clutched of a Living Water one must amputate whichever limb it has touch, Lest the slime slowly eat at the victims flesh.


Living Weapons

Living weapons are Swords, Axes, Bows, spears that are possessed by spirits and attack autonomously. If you manage to destroy the Living Weapon you see what the Spirit wielding it looks like. The Spirits are twisted and grotesque in appearance, often what remains of an failed Chimera. Even Failures were found to have their uses and if you see the spirits it is enough to drive one mad. You may see a set of hands with many teeth and batwings, a torso that is comprised of many fingers and balances on an enormous tongue, even a foot that slithers like a snake and has many eyes, etc.


Long Toothed Springer

Something between a Kangaroo and a Rabbit, it has what appears to be one extremely long front tooth, that is actually 2 teeth pressed together. The Long Toothed Springers fur is thick and often sought after for its water/snow resistance. The Long Toothed Springers teeth are also often sought after for the use of spear heads.

Midnight's Whisper

a Highly poisonous plant One scratch from its barbs will put you in a fever delirium where you may not awaken, the leaves of this plant is used in Alchemy. There is no known antitoxin to this plant. One must endure the plants trial in hopes of surviving. If one survives for more than a day they will recover from the poisoning.


Mountain Tails

a giant furred Serpent that is hunted.
They are pure White Furred Serpents often waiting in ambush on a mountain side, giving the Appearance that the mountain has a tail. The Mountain Tails constrict their victims until death, The Mountain Tail is a rare kind of Warm Blooded snake. It is suspected that an Alchemist merged a bear with a snake to create these creatures. Mountain Tails fur is highly sought after because it is extra warm and can provide fur for up to 10 men.


These little insects are not hostile and will avoid attack, unless provoked.
They start to rotate at high speed in order to keep their altitude.
The scouts fly around the nest to spot usual intruders.
When they do, the Warner, warns them and if the possible intruder didn't move along, or started to get close enough, the soldiers come out.
To keep the intruders from assaulting their nest, soldiers do a suicide ram into intruders. The ballistic impact is high, due to their linear and rotational speeds. They impale themselves to neutralize the intruder.
They can pierce a fine-steel armour plate.

Shimmering Scale

Rumored to be the source of light in the Shimmering forest. This giant Serpent is covered with Iridescent Scales that glow with a bright white light. The shimmering is cause by the Serpents movements. Legend says that the Shimmering Scale is the Guardian to the entrance of Dream's End. No one has found the source of the shimmering or a giant serpent to prove the legends.



Sea Dregs

The animated corpses of sailors who died at sea and sometimes climb onto ships and drag their passengers to their death under water, to presumably make more of themselves.
They're pruny, sickly looking animated corpses with pale bluish-grey skin encrusted with barnacles and entangled with seaweed. Their eyes are pitch black and unblinking.

Sea Gigarane

It's a Giant Sea Spider, but not what is called a sea spider by an internet search. Picture an ocean dwelling Black Widow the size of an elephant. Instead of Webs it has 3 tentacles it paralyzes and lassos prey with, It's fangs are poisonous.


Tundra Squirrels

These are simple raccoon sized mountain squirrels, they have a lot of blubber under their fine fur to keep warm. Often are the meal of choice for Mountain Tails, and are used in lures or traps to hunt the Snakes. Tundra Squirrels hides often are used for lighter clothes or under garments how light the fur is.


A birdlike creature/animal that hunts insects inside wood. Unfortunately for those who want to use bridges, ladders etc the substance they inject in order to make the food crawl out, destroys the wood and makes structures made of this material suddenly break. Many unfortunate accidents have been caused by this seemingly harmless little bugchaser.






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